Thursday, May 3, 2007

Welcome to the Stink.

Recently a friend of mine suggested I blog about things I find on the internet. "But I never find anything on my own," I said, "I am not that original, I always get tuned in to stuff by way of everyone else." He quickly reminded me that that is how anyone ever finds anything on the web. Oh yeah, that's true.

So this is a new blog for putting links to all the stuff online that crosses my path and that I wish to hurl at the path of the rest the world, or at least my friends who come and read here. I may not be the first one to know about all these fun things, but at least I can share my personal "journey of discovery" with you all- the journey I like to call "Virtual Stink."

Expect links to:
- YouTube
- Flickr
- Other blogs
- Websites
- N' other stuff.
- I will probably explain about the things I'm sharing, or talk about why I like or don't like it.

Don't expect:
- To always see things you've never seen before.
- Me telling stories, unless they are somehow related to the stuff I'm linking to.
- Any regular flow of updates. I have no idea how frequently I'll post.

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