Saturday, May 5, 2007

i | ichc

Sorry to inundate you with so many posts right away, but ah, what a perfect follow up to yesterday's last post because it's true- i | ichc.

Last night the hubby and I were just watching some teevee, when I remembered something funny he and I had laughed about a while ago- some pictures of cats with funny captions that I'd seen someplace online. I know, I know- sounds like I'm about 40 years old right now, but I'm not. The thing is, these cats keep coming up all over the place when I'm cruisin' the net. Well, last night I discovered they are called lolcats (sometimes lolcatz, with a z) and they can be viewed at i can has cheezburger?

Here's a GREAT example:

After laughing so hard at the first few that we had to pause our DVR, we decided to just turn the TV off all the way, and we proceeded to spend maybe an hour just scrolling through them and laughing together. It was somehow such a better way to spend the evening than watching Southpark. Apparently, lolcatz are becoming more and more widespread, more people know about them. This is good. I want to do my part to spread the word because I laughed so hard and want you to, too.

I was reading one person's thought about "i can has cheezburger" and the success of lolcatz, and their opinion was that by adding captions to animal pictures, we are admitting that we do prescribe personalities to our pets, and we do believe them to be somewhat human- but the unique grammar and spelling of lolcatz' captions implies that if they do act human, they sure don't speak the exact same language we do, and when they try, they have their own way of doing things. I think this is great.

Go explore them, I hope they make you laugh until you cry, like they do for me.

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