Thursday, September 20, 2007

stop-motion fight

This is such a Terrific (capital-T) stop-motion... something about the very end is so sweet.

See, they go through the whole day fighting, and trying to get the best of each other, but gradually you start to notice how much fun it looks like they are having during their outing together... the slides, the pool, the play ground... it's like at the very end they realize how much they really have fun when they are together, and they cherish the whole entire day, even if it started as a fight.

Tony vs. Paul

Monday, September 10, 2007

do you remember your first crush?

this is pretty cute. i love the animals she chose, especially the sharks. animated sharks are just the cutest.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

woah- post overload!

what's this all about? i don't post anything for months and the show up with three posts in two days??

Internet People! - The Meth Minute 39

how many are you familiar with? i like their drawing of zefrank best.

i'm so glad i've never posted any real videos online, lest i be made into one of these cartoon renderings.

en em co oo?

NMKY, from finland:

need i really say anything about this??

well, if so i'll just say this- apparently frank zappa was going to record something with this finnish bass player at one point, but it never happened.

whew. good morning everybody!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


my friend kathleen just shared this film with me, found on youtube. it's by a guy, run wrake, who found some vintage stickers (over 200 or something like that!) and decided to make a film out of them about the nature of greed. it's really amazing. please enjoy:

(i like how it explains how the idol got inside the rabbit at the end. i also looove the nouns floating next to everything.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Goat ready to laugh.

Today I learned about a genetically-mutated goat that "faints" when over-excited or startled. You just gotta watch. It might be funnier to me because I'm in the room with a sleeping person and mustn't laugh out loud...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

God is a Sock.

When I first saw this picture that I randomly stumbled across online today, I laughed. Pretty heartily, too.

Then I noticed he has a bare foot. And it is very wet outside. And he is homeless. And I realized that he is right: God IS a sock.

God is the fulfillment of everything we've ever needed to be loved and home and safe and warm. In fact, I'd argue that God isn't just the fulfillment of those things- God is the very concept of Fulfillment.

To this guy, God is a sock. It is right for him to cry out, "Oh God, where are you now?" What is God to you? Where is God found? What do you need? Ask for it.

The Sufi poet Rumi says:

"The mouse soul is nothing but a nibbler.
To the mouse is given a mind proportionate to its need,
for without need the Almighty God
doesn't give anything to anyone.
Need, then, is the net for all things that exist:
man has tools in proportion to his need
So, quickly, increase your need, needy one,
that the sea of abundance may surge up in loving kindness."

My greatest hope is that somebody gave this guy a sock and in the sock and in the giving, God was found and met and known. It's important to recognize our role in allowing space for God. God is in our giving and our loving, because God is gift and love.