Friday, May 4, 2007

From Galoob

Micro Machines have come up in conversations twice within the past week. One time I initiated the topic, but the second time was completely out of nowhere by one of the guys in the band I'm playing in these days (Dolour).

Micro Machines are notable to me because I never liked car-type toys as a kid. I liked She Ra and Barbie, My Little Ponies, and Glowworms (even though I could never get the big one to light up because I couldn't squeeze hard enough)...

I secretly wanted the dolls you could turn into a cupcake... I just saw a new version at Walgreen's the other day, brought back all kinds of memories about how I would never admit to liking something so overtly ruffly and girlie (as though ponies and Barbie aren't girlie enough already?).

(I just tried to find a commercial for these dolls, but all I could come up with was this:)

Anyway, so I thought Micro Machines were cool because they made even me want to play with cars. Here's a commercial for them- I still think these are great toys, and kind of want to build a little city and play with some right now.

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