Friday, June 15, 2007

The Other Monster

I have a friend that I met through flickr. (Not actually met, just internet met.) We have been doing challenges- we pick a theme and each other has to go capture our version of that picture. It's been fun. We bonded over the fact that our nicknames are both "Monster."

Anyway, from what I gather, she's a dancer, actress, and does some really fun choreography. Please check out her videos which are all totally awesome:
M.Monster on youtube.
She does these movement improvs that crack me up and inspire me to make better use of my space at home when dancing around to music I love. (I've been wanting to do a video dance to "My Rival" by Steely Dan for a loooong time...)

Here's my favourite of her videos so far:

I really get inspired and happy when I see what she's up to. Thanks Monster!

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